The Benefits of “Storytelling” An Effective Way to Engage your Audience

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The Benefits of “Storytelling”

An Effective Way to Engage your Audience


Written By: LaRissa Lofton, Founder/CEO @larissalofton


We are in a new era where it’s essential to engage with your audience by marketing content through storytelling.

Marketing content is the most effective way, in today’s world, to engage and influence your audience. Content writing will demonstrate your businesses expertise by offering a solution to your customers’ desires, needs, and challenges. Strong content communicates the value of your business and your commitment to your customers. Far from just selling your service or product.

In the past few decades marketing has truly evolved! In this digital age, people prefer to do business with companies that they can connect with on an emotional level–and the way to earn their trust is through that of storytelling. At Green Vision, we want to “wow” your customers with stories that educate but also that they want to share with others and of course hope that others will share it too.

So why is storytelling so powerful?
Everyone relates to stories, not ads or commercials. Since the dawn of humanity stories have existed. We’ve all told stories and still do, whether it’s to share an experience, educate, inspire, etc. We’ve all listened to stories to learn and make better choices in life. So why not use this tool in marketing? We live in a world where technology allows us to use storytelling as a powerful marketing tool. When a story strikes someone on an emotional level, they can then see themselves in a story that can connect with their own experiences and life. When a customer feels that connection that’s when the real magic begins. They will talk about it with their friends and will likely share that content with others through their social channels. Point being that any story can go viral. In today’s technological world we the ability to reach the whole globe.

Storytelling is by far the #1 one marketing tool for today’s digital world! At Green Vision Consultants, we help our customers discover the benefits of your services and products through stories. We strive to provide information that educates your consumers on those products and services but also in a way that can help solve their needs, desires, and challenges. Over time that allows you as a business build a long-lasting relationship with them.

At Green Vision Consultants we do our research to determine the most effective tone, voice, format, and channels for your message that also fits with your brand. We will craft unique, personalized, and engaging content that’s relevant to your audience and supportive of your brand image.


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