Content Creator…What Do They Do and Do I Need One?

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Content Creator…

What Do They Do and Do I Need One?


Written By: LaRissa Lofton, Founder/CEO @larissalofton


Content creation is one of our favorite things to talk about!

People often ask what a content creator does and if they need one, which is why we are writing on this topic. At Green Vision Consultants LLC (GVC) we introduce ourselves as content creators, often times people do one of the following:
(A) look at us with a baffled look,
(B) ask “what does that mean, exactly?” or
(C) they’ll ask every question, to the moon and back, to find out what “content creator” entails as a job and how it benefits their businesses in so many ways.

And that’s why we are here to describe what exactly we do and how it benefits you. So first, let’s run through exactly what we do as content creators.

Content creator…What is that, exactly?

Simply put, content creators are artists but we take it to another scale. It’s best to think of this in terms of not only our design ability but also marketing and sales ability, which is where our skills and expertise comes in. Content creation is strictly thinking in terms of “content marketing”. Content creators are artists responsible for creating, curating, editing and managing content that serves to provide your business’s prized information to your audience (viewers, readers or listeners, depending on the format of the content and is different for each business), with the goal of selling your products and services to them.

Content Creation Services we offer:
•Graphic design
•Social media
•Blog posts
•Email campaigns & newsletters
•Video marketing/editing
…and MORE!

In addition to that we can create additional content for your brand and business such as marketing collateral items (brochures, client packets and so on), but for today’s blog, we are specifically focusing on digital content creation.

4 Reasons Why You Need an Online Content Creator



Anything and everything you use for marketing and brand awareness roots from content! We mean literally, EVERYTHING, from your website’s images, typefaces, and colors, to brochures, emails, letterheads, advertisements, social media, and so on, makes up a huge part of your brand. But content is what gives people the ability to take action through social media. Content creation is a heavy task when you add all that it’s involved with it (blogging, images, design, photography, social media, email campaigns, etc). All of these tasks pile up and can sometimes feel daunting, as you already have so much to do, it’s easy to hit a creative plateau, and fall behind and if you are experiencing any of these things that’s how we can help at Green Vision Consultants.



Believe it or not, but there is SO MUCH that goes into writing content. Writing a blog is definitely harder than everyone thinks. It’s important to know that when we write a blog for you or any other of our clients we’re covering every aspect, everything, from headlines, subheadings, every sentence and paragraph, even the length, keywords, hashtags, SEO, etc.

We understand that people want to show off their images, photography, designs, and they’re fantastic- but there’s one critical problem. Images and writing alone will only allow you to reach your reader, but there’s one crucial element that’s missing which is to impress, search engines, also known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We make sure to select keywords specific to your brand and business for each blog post. When it comes to your website content such as your homepage, you want to include all your best offerings on there – social media profiles, your opt-in e-mailing list, whatever “goodies” your business has and we know this which is why we can help you!



It’s important to understand that your website acts as the “shopfront or storefront” for your brand. Your websites most important job is to tell people about your business, what you provide (whether that is services or retail products) and connecting you to those potential customers and sales. There are many steps to take to help accomplish this but content no matter what kind, is involved in every aspect of the marketing funnel and sales process.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways our content creation can help build relationships with your audience:

•Content enables your business and it’s personality to shine. This will let consumers know how and why your brand is special and how it stands out from others.
•Blog posts can contain a personal stories or experiences, product/service reviews, guest posts, etc., so while you’re educating your consumers, you’re also connecting and engaging with them.
•Content allows your consumers to relate to your brand, and it’s voice.

With our services, your business and brand will get the best of both creative content! We offer professional photography, graphic arts, and design to enhance and humanize your brand image. Our content is SEO-optimised to help you grain more “traffic and reach” to your website, that will increase conversions on services and sales.



For example purposes: let’s imagine you’re looking for a product photographer to showcase your retail items for your specialty boutique.

You find one on Google and head to their website homepage. Their website features only the photographer’s work in a slideshow or gallery. Nothing else… What exactly do you do next? What action is there is for you to do?

So what’s missing? In this example, their “call-to-action” missing.

With this example, the likelihood is, because you’re not sure where to click next and there’s no “call-to-action”, you’re more than likely ready hit the “X” and leave the website and continue your search for a photographer.

Do you see the simplicity in this example given? So what’s the solution… the solution is to take your audience on a “digital adventure”. Think about where you want your customers to “click” and take them on that journey, they are searching anyway, right?

So why should you work with a content creator, like Green Vision Consultants?

In the digital age, companies aren’t working with expensive agencies the way they used to. Previously, all outward marketing and creative content were outsourced to an agency. Times have changed.

Many businesses are growing their internal marketing teams allowing them to develop, increase, and innovative their brand-building strategies, and try to keep the creative work in-house. But alas, the need for content is like laundry (everyone’s favorite chore, lol 🤥) and it will continue to build and pile up with absolutely no signs of slowing down. Also, we’d like to mention that most social platforms require you post “daily” to continue seeing momentum in growth. Doing the math, 1 year of social media “alone” equals 365 content posts that you need just for the year. Then add on content for the other stuff mentioned earlier.

This is where we come in as content creators! Green Vision Consultants, LLC can help fill the void, we can collaborate and bring in some fresh new ideas, avoid the creative plateau, etc. Think of a content creator such as a “boutique ad agency” with a niche specialty that operates at a more cost-effective price than that of a traditional advertising agency. We can help you build a library of proprietary brand assets, and help you bring a specific marketing campaign or idea to life as your creative partner. We are able to read a brief and produce something that’s in line with the company branding and objectives.

When working with us, please note to remove any and all preconceived notions about “audience size” being an indicator of the quality of work because it is not accurate. Audience size develops with time and consistency. Quality of work isn’t measured in double taps but is measured through composition, skill, symmetry, and engagement rate.

Some of the world’s biggest brands in the WORLD, not just your “friend’s lifestyle blog”, are leveraging content creators to produce world-class, high-quality visuals on a global scale. Here is an example of a big brand that works with content creators.

@lorealhair works closely with content creators like @debiflue to help develop super high quality, branded Instagram content.

So if you are struggling to create engaging content for your business and brand? Have limited resources? New to digital marketing? Contact us because we can help you and best of all a consultation is FREE!


Stay tuned for our next blog and follow us @greenvisionconsultants on social media!




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