About Us

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Our Story

Green Vision Consultants, LLC (GVC), was inspired to help businesses achieve their creative vision! We believe that creativity is more than just a skill; it’s a state of mind. We develop unique projects that will showcase your product and service in a creative, fun new light.

Since 2017 we’ve operated under one mission, which is to provide not only high-quality content creation, digital marketing, and consulting services but also to provide a positive client experience. Our end goal is always making our clients happy! Our passion has and will ALWAYS be creating! Whether your needs are a simple business card, a brand identity, new website design, or unique website content: (blog, photography, etc.), need some digital marketing advice, etc. we have you covered! Let us help you bring your creative vision to fruition!

Things we do: 

Graphic Design

Illustration Projects


Digital Marketing & Strategy

Mixed Media Production

Business Consulting Services





Our Approach

GVC makes it easy for you and your business. We have the passion, team, resources, education, creativity (state of mind), and technology to make your vision come to life! We create projects from ideation to final product image.

Our Strategy: Phase 1 – Consultation, Brainstorm & Collaboration of Ideas
Before any actual creative work begins, GVC conducts an extensive survey and consultation. We will schedule a time to meet with you to better understand not only your goals and expectations but also your audience’s needs. Also, we will conduct competitive and market research to gather additional insight into your project. We then you with a creative brief to summarize the results of our research and inquiries; and outline the project proposal, along with a detailed project schedule to ensure on-time delivery.



Phase 2 – Draft, Reflect, & Evaluate
When our evaluations on designs are complete, and you are on board with the initial concepts, production for final design work begins. We keep your communication needs and priorities at the core of every design decision – from colors to image selection to font styles. Based on your feedback, GVC will draft initial design concepts. During this process, we will deliver at least three creative ideas for your evaluation.




Phase 3 – Implementation & Production
After you select your preferred creative direction based on the concepts, we begin the execution of your project. GVC collaborates with you to select images and gather copies for the final design pieces. We produce draft outputs for your review and make sure that your input is reflected before any piece goes into production. When your quality standards (and ours) are achieved, we prepare your finalized design pieces for final production. [If Needed] We will collaborate closely with any third-party vendors (such as print companies and merchandise vendors) to make sure that the finished product meets your expectations.




Phase 4 – Project Evaluation & Closing
After the project, GVC will follow up with you to assess the outcome of the project. We are always open to feedback, not only on your insights on our creative process and designs, but we appreciate any feedback you have received from your consumers.

If you’re in the cannabis industry, having been in the industry in-depth, we already know the compliance struggles that the cannabis industry faces daily. With our experience in the Colorado marijuana industry, we can assure you that we’ve done our research on the laws and rules in place on when, where, and how cannabis can be advertised.


“Unity is strength… When you combine teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”


LaRissa Lofton

Founder/ CEO, Marketing & Art Director